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Famous reality show persona branded after sharing picture of sick grandmother


Chloe Ferry has been slammed as “shameless” for sharing a picture of her grandmother lying in a hospital bed.

In the post, which has since been deleted, Chloe appeared to smile as she crouched next to her nan, who looks extremely ill as she lies in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth.

Sharing it on Twitter and Instagram, the Geordie Shore star wrote: “Rip nanna love you so much! Never forgotten” After many people questioned the 21-year-old’s decision to post the picture, she removed it from her social media, but not before some had taken a screenshot and shared it on their own accounts.

One person posted saying: “Your tweet is gone, but won’t be forgotten. (Is that too soon?) @Chloe_GShore”

Another wrote: “I see Chloe Ferry has deleted the picture of her dead nan. What a strange idea that was”

And another said: “Literally f*****g shameless…f*****g hell.”

However, others defended her saying: “disgusting that you felt the need to take that special pic down because of the trolls. Thinking of you and your family xx”

The same fan added: “omg she was sleeping!! not dead !”

Chloe was recently reduced to tears after a row with Geordie Shore co-star Marty McKenna.

During an explosive showdown, which was aired on the MTV show, he criticised her looks and branded her “fat”.

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