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Labour Friends of Cyprus on general elections

A community organisation in hopes of strengthening connections between Cyprus and Britain through their support for Labour party, gathered together on last Tuesday to remark the importance of voting Labour at the general elections.

The organisation that goes by “Labour Friends of Cyprus”, arranged a support event for Labour Party at the Cypriot Community Centre in Haringey, with the event seeing dozens attending to the conference hall.

At the event, a strong statement was made for the need for Cypriots living outside London to be represented in the group so that MPs from these areas can be lobbied and therefore the group has been successfully engendered.

The event saw important political names attending such as Catherine West MP, Kate Osamor MP, Joan Ryan MP and local authorities from the Cypriot and Greek communities.


Dr Vassilis Mavrou, who is the founder of Labour Friends of Cyprus, gave a speech generally based on the significance of voting Jeremy Corbyn by referring his leadership to as a way for Britain to recognise the so called illegal invasion of North Cyprus.

Dr Mavrou, in his speech that he is strong believer that Jeremy Corbyn will tackle the Cyprus negotiations, specifically on the “occupied side problem”, which he then referred to as an “illegal occupation”.

Getting on with her speech, Catherine West MP on the other hand remarked the importance of not forgetting the vital existence and supports of the Turkish speaking communities in North London, as an inevitable part of the area’s cultural diversity. The event saw discourses from tackling the importance of the existence of both sides of the island and referring to the Northern Cyprus as an “illegally occupied” territory.



The Labour Party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, although was expected to attend the event met guests through a special video message, given his busy agenda.

In the video, Mr Corbyn remarked the importance of voting Labour and therefore standing against inequality and a bleak future through Brexit aftermaths. Mr Corbyn also encouraged viewers to vote for their Labour MP Candidates.

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